Life Interrupted

Two months passed by really quickly.

I’d like to say that I didn’t see it coming, but after the first two weeks of complete chaos it became quite apparent that nearly every aspect of life was about to go rolling down a very steep hill.

Before the chaos, I had planned short stories, two screenplays and one poem. However, instead allowing me the freedom to write, life decided to test me on every possible level, from finance, to health, to career, and as a cherry on top – to being hacked (learning how to program is now my new hobby). Murphy’s Law burst through the door and became very comfortable, even though I don’t remember asking for its company.

I understand the ups and downs of life. This certainly wasn’t the first time that uncertainty would be the usual forecast of the day; but it’s hard not to regret the time lost in it, and everything that could have been achieved had life just loosened up a little. It also took a much longer time than usual for angered thoughts to go back to normal and move on. But now it’s time to learn lessons, and move on.

Here’s to a new start, experience gained, and appreciating every day that doesn’t start or end with negativity.

Deep breath. Keep going.



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