Book Podcast

book podcast

The new book podcast series is live! It’s available on many different platforms, so choose your favourite and come say hi! 😊

The Petite Writer Book Podcast developed from my love of books, literature, stories, and everything else that is part of them. I choose topics that are related to language, writing, reading, psychology in literature, and also interesting things that have happened to both authors and their readers in their lifetime.

I particularly enjoy podcast episodes that deal with an interesting issue in a literary work or that are able to teach you something about the art of writing. Much of my knowledge comes from personal work experience and my Ph.D. studies in English Literature, but I am also always learning and testing new knowledge in my own work.

Of course, some book podcast topics will be more light-hearted while others will cover serious issues in culture and literary depiction of the human condition around the globe. It is my hope that the podcast will be able to both entertain and provide some knowledge. I do my best to always complete in-depth research on a topic before recording an episode for it, however, if you notice any mistakes or would like to continue the discussion please feel free to reach out to me.

Likewise, if you have any ideas or topics that you would like me to record an episode simply contact me and I’ll be happy to work on it.

The podcast will soon develop its own weekly schedule (I’m aiming for two episodes per week), so I hope that you will join me in discussing literary works and their importance in society.