A Work Day


You arrive to work in a rather cheerful mood. Not because you like Mondays, but simply because work has to be done, people have to be spoken to, tasks have to be completed. Might as well crack a smile and attempt to make the most of it.

Clear the Clutter

Hundreds of research papers and journals, about one thousand books, 50 email subscriptions, and 500 bookmarks.

Life Interrupted

Two months passed by really quickly.

I’d like to say that I didn’t see it coming, but after the first two weeks of complete chaos it became quite apparent that nearly every aspect of life was about to go rolling down a very steep hill.

How Are You?

This short question may not seem like much upon first glance. It exists in every language of the world, is expressed through different letters, sounds, symbols and word formation – and yet, through whichever culture’s eyes you see it, it means the same thing – how are you?

Forgetting Dreams

I’m so frustrated with the number of dreams I forget when I wake up. Not so much the ones that were mental stories, but the ones that could have been great ideas but were forgotten the moment I woke up.

“Adulthood is a Myth”

I feel that the only appropriate way to start the New Year is to remind ourselves that adulthood is, indeed, a myth.