Editing Services

My editing services have been developed over the past decade to include all fiction and non-fiction genres, research papers, thesis papers, essays, business, and marketing content.

The different levels of editing services reflect the complexity of the job and are charged per word of text. I have done my best to ensure that prices are as affordable as possible for writers across the world.

I edit at a rate of 10,000-20,000 words per day. This depends on how complex the text is and how well it was initially written.

Although I am happy to edit all mistakes, please note that you can get a lot more out of an editor if you provide a manuscript that is already in a decent state. Most writers can, understandably, afford only one editing run of their manuscript.

Editors are humans, too, and no matter how hard they work to improve in their own profession, if a manuscript has errors ranging into the thousands (and yes, sometimes they do) even an editor could miss a few mistakes.

Some tips on how to make the most of your editing services:

  • Understand how to correctly format dialogue.
  • Give your manuscript an overall edit to the best of your abilities.
  • Always provide a manuscript that can be edited in a word processor such as Microsoft Word.
  • Prepare a sample of three pages from your manuscript for the editor to understand which editing services would suit you best.
  • Understand that you and your editor are a team. They are not your competition. I want your book to be as wonderful as you do.

For more information about me and my experience, check out my About page.

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To start, send me an email: jelena at thepetitewriter dot com

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