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S1 E1 How to Submit a Short Story – from the Perspective of the Reader

In this episode we will discuss how to submit a short story to a magazine from the perspective of the reader. The reader is the first person who will read your manuscript after it has been submitted, and yet, how much do you actually know about what goes on in the reader’s mind while they read your story?

alan watts quotes

Alan Watts Quotes – Wallpaper

lan Watts was an incredible writer, speaker, philosopher, who is best known for brining Asian philosophies closer to the Western audience. If you have never explored his boks before, or heard any of his speecher, I highly recommend that you do so. Regardless of whether or not you agree with everything he says, it is incredible to watch his mind at work and to understand new concepts through his humour.


Considering that I write screenplays, you would think that I was a huge movie fan as a child. However, this is not the case for me.
I was obsessed with cartoons as a child, but movies never really interested me. In fact, although I had seen some movies by the time I reached my teenage years, I discovered that their number was much smaller than that of the people around me.

professional editor

3 Questions for A Professional Editor

As a professional editor I get asked many questions regarding the editing experience, especially by writers who have never used an editor before. There is often a serious misconception regarding editors and what their actual job is, why they charge the way they do, and what their actual contribution is to a writer’s project.