Considering that I write screenplays, you would think that I was a huge movie fan as a child. However, this is not the case for me. I was obsessed with cartoons as a child, but movies never really interested me. In fact, although I had seen some movies by the time I reached my teenage years, I discovered that their number was much smaller than that of the people around me.

3 Questions for A Professional Editor

3 Questions for A Professional Editor

As a professional editor I get asked many questions regarding the editing experience, especially by writers who have never used an editor before. There is often a serious misconception regarding editors and what their actual job is, why they charge the way they do, and what their actual contribution is to a writer's project.


When it comes to the Internet, I grew up in the time of dial up internet connections and a speed of 56 kbit/s. Oh yeah. Patience was certainly a virtue back then. If you wanted to get anything done on the Internet, you needed to prepare yourself for long periods of just starting at the screen, waiting for something to load.

#2 In Pursuit of Dragons – A Childhood of Stories

It will take some time for me to reach the present day, but you will have to bear with me a little bit on this journey. After all, I have created this series to document as much as I can of the entire journey so that perhaps other writers will find at least some aspects of my own journey useful.

#1 In Pursuit of Dragons – In the Beginning

I don't know what makes us choose a vocation. I suppose we all have different reasons why we gravitate towards a particular job. When we’re young it’s usually an honest passion. You love animals and want to see them protected, so you decide to become a veterinarian. You wonder what it feels like to step on the Moon, so you want to become an astronaut. Perhaps a painter, an actor, a doctor, a chef. A storyteller.