The Lilith Review – Call for Submissions!

The Lilith Review was created to provide writers and artists with a multicultural platform on which they can freely express themselves and display their creations. Lilith doesn’t seek perfection, nor does it believe that a single theme, medium or genre is better than another. It is not a place of competition, but of support. It’s goal…… Continue reading The Lilith Review – Call for Submissions!

How Are You?

This short question may not seem like much upon first glance. It exists in every language of the world, is expressed through different letters, sounds, symbols and word formation – and yet, through whichever culture’s eyes you see it, it means the same thing – how are you? What is often considered a simple conversation…… Continue reading How Are You?

“Adulthood is a Myth”

I feel that the only appropriate way to start the New Year is to remind ourselves that adulthood is, indeed, a myth. Part open admission from an ‘adult’, part genuine admiration for Sarah Andersen’s work in “Adulthood is a Myth”; because I can’ t think of a better title for the period of life that so many…… Continue reading “Adulthood is a Myth”