With the current COVID-19 situation affecting the entire planet, there seems to be no better time than now to write about this very important part of my freelance work in the past.

Once I became more comfortable with my freelance job and I was able to write more and more words in a single day, the topics that I received for work started to expand. A lot. Initially, most of it was expanding to topics such as food, pets, fashion, green living, music, etc. I did my best to complete all the necessary research beforehand and to make sure that the article that I completed would be true to the topic.

However, the next topic that I was assigned to write about would change how I viewed information on the internet forever. Medicine and healthcare.

The time frame for this period is somewhere around 2010 – 2011.

It started with a few different clients asking for articles on topics such as healthy eating, skincare, supplements, etc. Quickly, it then escalated to topics that were a lot more specific such as how to deal with a specific heart condition, allergies, high cholesterol, nail fungi, and much more.

Although I still tried to write the most accurate article possible – I am not a doctor. I have no training in healthcare or any medical field, so why am I even writing articles on this topic? You can do your research as much as you want, but nothing can replace an actual doctor! However, on the internet, things are very different.

Almost every article that I’ve ever written as a freelance writer has been as a ghost writer – meaning that the author of the article will be labeled as someone else. But I was curious. Where were these articles going?

I did some research of my own and was instantly shocked to discover that my articles were being used by actual doctors on the internet as their own work! Word for word. No changes.

Why wouldn’t an actual doctor write their own article with professonal advice? Why have someone who has nothing to do with medicine do it? Real people were reading these articles after all, thinking that they were produced by a medical professional. Although my articles would not cause physical harm (I never talked about any drugs for these conditions only a general overview of the condition), wouldn’t it still be better for a professional to write about this in proper language?

There are of course exceptions to the rule when it comes to doctors online, but it is also very likely that most of these articles are written by freelance writers.

If you’re looking for any kind of medical advice, please speak to an actual doctor. Or, if for whatever reason you cannot do that, please only consier information that comes from noted medical journals and published books.

I haven’t written a medical or healthcare article since.


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