About the Journey

In Pursuit of Dragons will document my journey to, hopefully, one day becoming a professional writer. A professional novelist, a professional screenwriter, or both. Or neither.

My dream might come true one day. Or, it may not. Perhaps no career success will come out of this. And that’s OK. The journey is a wonderful part of pursuing a dream, and so are the many wonderful people that I get to meet along the way.

I know that there are many writers out there with similar dreams to mine, and I also know that we are not always shown the reality of what goes on behind the scenes to being a writer. This includes struggles with creativity, mental health, livelihood, family, friends, pitching, querying, the search for agents, producers, and publishers, and the fear of being taken advantage of.

My dad told me, ‘It takes fifteen years to be an overnight success’, and it took me seventeen and a half years.

– Adrien Brody

There are many such quotes to be found. People try to warn us that ‘overnight success’ is not overnight at all – but we don’t really listen. As a result, we place unrealistic expectations on ourselves, break down when we fail, diminish our value in this world, and possibly even destroy our own body and mind in the process.

There is room for everyone to achieve their dreams. We are a team. And as a true team, we must be honest with each other.

Please feel free to join the conversation and share your own experiences in the comment section as we go.

No matter how this ends, In Pursuit of Dragons will be one heck of a ride.


~ Jelena

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