Before we discuss the cat, I forgot to mention an important point…

Many things in life inspired me to become a writer, but school was not one of them.

This may sound a little strange if you know that I worked as a teacher for about ten years, but even then I saw the many problems that exist in school systems. Currently, that schools are not adapting their curriculum to suit the culture, the environment, and the train of thought of new generations – but we won’t get into that now.

School made me think of writing as something that was only done to complete homework. There was never anything creative about it, and perhaps more importantly, I didn’t feel that there was any bigger purpose of writing other than to get a grade. So, I didn’t write as a hobby in school. Ever.

On the contrary, I did read many books and works of fanfiction. I loved fanfiction. Back when I was a teenager, there weren’t many websites dedicated specifically to fanfiction. Fans usually gathered in various forums and shared their interpretation of a story with other fans. There wasn’t much competition between writers, no likes or followers. Heck, we didn’t even know each other’s real names or locations. You simply logged in and had free reign over hundreds of fan stories and artwork. This is before the age of Tumblr (once a very special place for fans) and Social Media platforms.

I digress.

Although I didn’t write my own stories in primary school or secondary school (so ages 6 to 16), I did read a lot, and together with my parents’ passion for books and introducing literature to me at a very young age, I feel that the amount of reading I did during this period was a good base of knowledge, adventure, and imagination for the future.

Now comes the cat on the cover…


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