Considering that I write screenplays, you would think that I was a huge movie fan as a child. However, this is not the case for me.

I was obsessed with cartoons as a child, but movies never really interested me. In fact, although I had seen some movies by the time I reached my teenage years, I discovered that their number was much smaller than that of the people around me.

Although I have been a huge fan of stories my whole life, a movie fan was not something that I could call myself until my early 20s.

In fact, it wasn’t until my mid-20s that my love for movies truly developed. This is when I started to watch all the classics that I’d missed out on growing up.

Interestingly, a part of me is glad that I could only call myself a movie fan later in life, because I viewed these movies with somewhat more mature eyes. I understood them differently, and I feel that I was able to grasp their importance and storytelling better in my twenties. Or, perhaps I am wrong.

Regardless of how it all started, I am certainly a movie fan now.

I have grown to love screenplays and their development in all genres, and besides writing them myself, I also enjoy reading screenplays by writers from all over the world.

I found my way to movies at a time when I needed them most; when they helped me to position my own mind in a different medium.

Today, I am more of an indie movie fan. I love discovering indie movie jewels by accident and sharing my discoveries with others. Being part of an indie movie production is one of my biggest goals in life, but I guess we’ll see whether or not the Pursuit of Dragons will take me there.


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