The first job that I had in my life was as an English teacher.

I was first a private English tutor, then worked in many language schools, as an online tutor, and in a high school.

Although I haven’t worked as a teacher for a couple of years now, I do really love this job. Yes, there are many ups and downs when you’re a teacher (which sadly, in my case, had more to do with parents than with students), but I’ve always loved preparing classes and developing a curriculum.

It takes a lot of patience and you need to learn how to handle a class to the best of your abilities, but it truly is a wonderful job.

Sadly, teacher salaries are small and there isn’t that much room for advancement, but I really did love this job and I did it for about 10 years.

In terms of how being a teacher helped my writing career… Well, it certanly gave me many ideas for writing, although I am yet to use one of those ideas in my own work.

Although I loved teaching, this was also the time when I realized that writing is my true passion. After about a year of teaching, I decided to pick up a freelance writing job on the side to test it out. Which is when my true writing career began.


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